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登本喜讯 | 三项作品荣获意大利A’Design Award 2020一银奖与二铜奖

登本设计三项作品荣获意大利A’Design Award 2020一银奖与二铜奖!


A’设计大奖赛, 已正式公布2019-2020年设计大赛的结果:来自于107个国家和地区,104个不同的设计领域,共2095位设计获奖得主。参赛作品全部都由极具国际影响力的知名学者、著名媒体成员、创意设计专业人士和有经验的企业家组成的评审团进行公平仔细的审察,评审团都倾注了极大的精力和关心,谨慎仔细地对每件参赛作品进行评估。

A’ Design Award & Competition (, the World’s largest and most diffused international design awards announced results of the 2019 – 2020 design competition: 2095 Winners from 107 countries in 104 different design disciplines. Entries were carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who devoted great care and attention to details while voting each entry.



银奖获奖项目 | Silver Award-winning project;

根生于此 / 睿刀医疗上海办公室  | Where the root is / REMD Headquarter

AD Official website project intro.


铜奖获奖项目 | Bronze Award-winning project;

少盐少油的运动空间 / Rhino Workout Studio | Sporting Space of Healthy Diet / Rhino Workout Studio

AD Official website project intro.


铜奖获奖项目 | Bronze Award-winning project;

合 / 登本设计办公室 | Combine / Design Onboard Office

AD Official website project intro.




A’Design Award国际设计奖是全球领先的国际年度设计比赛。是一项被国际平面设计协会联合会ICOGRADA、欧洲设计协会 BEDA所认可的国际赛事。同时,它也是ICSID(国际工业设计协会), ICOGRADA (国际平面设计协会)& ADI(意大利工业设计协会) 的成员组织。A’ Design Award国际设计奖是为了给予在全球各个创意领域中来自于所有国家在各个不同范畴的最优秀的设计师的荣誉而组织的。

A’ Design Award and Competition is the worlds’ largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts and products & services. It is organized under many different categories, and it can be summarized into 4 headings:  Industrial Design Competitions, Graphics Design Competitions, Architecture and Interior Design Awards, Arts and Engineering Awards.

登本喜讯 | REMD HQ 和 Rhino Workout Studio 双项荣获德国iF设计奖 THE iF DESIGN AWARD 2020

登本设计作品 “REMD睿刀医疗上海办公室”及“Rhino Workout Studio健身房” 双项目荣获德国iF设计奖2020


78 international design experts from more than 20 countries have selected the Design Onboard works (REMD Office) be winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 ! This year, the jury had to select from 7,298 entries from 56 nations. All the award winners will be celebrated in Berlin on 4 May 2020, The glamorous iF design award night will take place for the first time in the Friedrichstadt-Palast.



Award-winning project;

根生于此 / 睿刀医疗上海办公室

Where the root is / REMD Headquarter


The client of this project is a high-achieving young entrepreneur with great strategic view from Shanghai, and when he has established his own business empire, the Radisson Plaza Xiongguo Hotel, in the center of Shanghai City, was chosen to be the location of the headquarter, situated in a historic building imbued with dark walnut-texture design vocabulary so that all guests and employees can be greeted with a traditional Chinese tea- style reception, so that all professional partners can have a relaxing tea-tasting space for interaction.



Award-winning project;

少盐少油的运动空间 / Rhino Workout Studio

Sporting Space of Healthy Diet / Rhino Workout Studio


As this project is located in the prime location Xin Tian Di, Shanghai, the design intention was for exercise to be about a journey to health, not about competitions. As a healthy diet being the necessary conditions to the ultimate health, the interior design would like to manifest an essential positioning of a fitness center where an exercise space of purity and professionalism in creating a stress-free environment.





iF设计奖首次颁发于1953年,是世界上最古老的独立设计印章。此殊荣为专注于创新能力及杰出设计成就的象征。每年iF国际论坛设计有限公司组织举办的IF设计奖为世界上最著名和最有价值的设计竞赛之一。 iF设计奖被公认为全球卓越设计的象征,每年都有来自70个国家/地区多达的6,000多份作品提交。

First awarded in 1953, the iF DESIGN AWARD is the oldest independent design seal in the world. It is a symbol of outstanding design achievements that focuses on the innovative power of design. Each year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions: the iF DESIGN AWARD. Recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world, the iF DESIGN AWARD welcomes over 6,000 submissions from 70 countries every year.