DOB登本设计 | REMD Headquarter
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REMD Headquarter

本案业主是一名拥有丰富视野且事业有成的青年企业家,发迹于上海,胼手胝足打下事业基础后,决定在此生根立足,向下扎根,巩固枝干,让事业枝繁叶茂。选定坐落于上海市中心的兴国宾馆内作为办公室,这座充满古意、绿意环绕的洋房式建筑,将树木沉稳干练的企业精神,以深色胡桃木纹的设计语汇带入空间。让远道而来的客人和员工,可以在此享受中国传统「以茶会客」的款待,更期望让工作伙伴都能拥有一处可以轻松惬意品茗交流的空间。得獎:義大利AD大獎2020銀獎 / 德國iF大獎 2020

The client of this project is a high-achieving young entrepreneur with great strategic view from Shanghai, and when he has established his own business empire, the Radisson Plaza Xiongguo Hotel, in the center of Shanghai City, was chosen to be the location of the headquarter, situated in a historic building imbued with dark walnut-texture design vocabulary so that all guests and employees can be greeted with a traditional Chinese tea- style reception, so that all professional partners can have a relaxing tea-tasting space for interaction.

Winning:A’Design Award 2020 Sliver / iF Design Award 2020

業主 :上海睿刀醫療科技有限公司

地點 :上海興國賓館

性質 :辦公

面積 :470平方米

完工時間 :2019年5月

設計公司 :登本設計

設計总监 :凌楷甯、許凱廸




Project :Office

Area:470 sqm

Due:2019. May.

Design By:Design Onboard

Design Director:Carlie Ling、K.D Hsu

Interior Design:Carlie Ling

Photographer:K.D Hsu、ZhaoWuu

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